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2020 - A Promising Year for Digital Entrepreneurs

With billions of smartphone users, internet subscribers and social media users the world over, digital integration will soon be an inescapable reality for everyone. As different businesses, communities and industries continue to embrace digitalisation, this integration of online technology is about to create a long-term digital ecosystem. We owe this progress to online tools and services that have given rise to digital entrepreneurs. This 2020, digital entrepreneurship looks promising.

How Start-Up Digital Entrepreneurs Change the Digital Landscape

The startup movement everywhere in the globe has made a huge impact on a variety of industrial sectors, leading to a large number of digital start-ups blossoming. Now everywhere, we see developing countries turning into BPO hubs, IT zones or travel destinations for digital nomads. Each day, newer web-based companies come to life and begin operations in the industry. Some of these start-ups have left an indelible mark in the Information Technology field soon after they began operating. Because there is so much diversity among these start-up businesses, customers easily warm up to them. Start-ups may or may not need large financial investments. However, a lot of time and constant efforts need to be poured into them so they can hold the ground. Here we see how much has changed evolved digitally. Now, it is comparatively easier to start working from the comforts of your home or a shared workspace. This ease of access is one of the main driving forces behind digital entrepreneurship. Budding digital entrepreneurs are growing by the minute, joining the progressive markets and contributing innovative ideas. The entrepreneurs are extremely talented, well versed with the markets and the evolving digital space, and are very efficient in terms of the work and functioning of their businesses.

A New Digital Era

Digital literacy is constantly growing – a situation we can attribute to the availability of high-speed internet and several online tools. These provide opportunities for people of all walks of life to become digitally savvy. Most of these tools and services are affordable and can equip you with the necessary skills to participate in web-based industries. Proof of this growing digital literacy is that in countries like India, the Digital Index rose by 56 per cent between the years 2014 and 2017. This is from the age group 18 to 29 and on a literacy scale of 1-100. The number of internet users today stands at over a staggering 650 million at present. This has subsequently generated a good number of technocrats in the field of technology. Higher digital literacy means better market resources. On the other hand, there is an exponentially high number of digital companies and job opportunities in the country. Many big and small businesses are going digital with respect to their functioning, management and financial aspects, which has added to the growth of digitisation in the country. The future of this digital wave looks promising and will continue to grow in the current year.

Young Entrepreneurs On The Rise

People do more than just work for companies these days. Especially the young ones. In fact, several fresh college graduates or young professionals with a few years of experience are taking the big guns. With their innovative minds, they bravely enter the digital space and carve a space for themselves in the market. These young minds are not only well-educated, smart and equipped with raw potential; they also know the industry well and have the guts to put action into their devotion. With this lethal combination of skill and knowledge, young digital entrepreneurs are changing the industry in many ways. These smaller yet promising tech ventures are giving the sharks of the industry a run for their money in various ways. The digital technology is also rapidly evolving, and it is easier for youngsters to keep up with the changes as compared to the senior lot. The future for the youngsters looks bright and promising in the wake of the technological advancements.

The Digital World Throughout 2020

2020 is only the beginning, and yet the digital spectrum is already this colourful. Not to mention there’s always something to look forward to – from constant growth and development to new and younger players in the space. With a large number of online start-ups and new digital ventures emerging in the industry, this year is set for progress.  will see a steep rise in the addition of new ventures to the market. The digital revolution is presently at its pinnacle and will continue in this state for a long time. Remember, artificial intelligence technology is yet to experience a breakthrough. Moving forward, the year 2020 is going to a progressive year for many digital entrepreneurs. The stage was already set decades ago, so we are now reaping the harvest of yesterday's efforts. Digital entrepreneurs can excitedly anticipate what 2020 has in store for them.


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