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200 Useful Websites for Netizens and Digital Marketers

As of 2018, there are 1 billion websites populating the Internet. These websites come in all variants – forums, blogs, communities, social networks, directories, corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and more. There is hardly any industry or topic the Internet has not covered yet.

Every search query is tied to hundreds and thousands of websites, a number of which compete for a spot on page 1. Data related to these search queries such as search volume and serve as bases for keyword research.

Below is a list of the most frequently used websites, classified under their respective categories:

Social Networking Websites

1. Facebook – With 2.13 billion active user, it is presently the biggest social network in cyberspace.

2. Twitter – Well-known for its 280-character tweets and hashtags, which help topics or keywords trend online.

3. Instagram – Images and videos are the driving forces behind Instagram's massive popularity across different age groups.

4. Pinterest – This site is one of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing multimedia sharing platforms.

5. LinkedIn – A networking site dedicated to career-oriented professionals, LinkedIn has over 300 million profiles under its belt.

7. Tumblr – A microblogging and networking site that connects people through multimedia shares and reblog features.

8. Google+ – Google's social media arm functions as an extension of your Gmail account; lets you create communities or collections, share links and write posts with hashtags.

9. Snapchat – An app famous for its range of sophisticated and wacky video and photo filters and lenses.

10. Sina Weibo – This microblogging platform is China's own version of Facebook; established in 2009, it approximately has 400 million monthly users.

11. Vkontakte (VK) – The largest social networking site in Russia, VK currently has more than 460 million subscribers as of recent statistics.

12. – A social networking site for global users, lets you create profiles and anonymously post questions on other user profiles.

13. ClassMates – ClassMates has a large database of yearbooks and was originally built to help users search and connect with classmates, acquaintances and colleagues from school, university, former workplaces and the military.

14. Meetup – This social networking site provides users a common cloud-based platform for recruiting members and scheduling or organising events.

15. Hi5 – Based in San Francisco, California, Hi5 was purchased by The Meet Group (formerly If(we) and Tagged) and became popular in Thailand, Mongolia and India among other countries.

Video Streaming Sites

16. YouTube – The biggest video content sharing site accommodates 1.3 billion users with 300 hours of video uploaded per minute and almost 5 billions video views per day.

17. Vimeo – Vimeo was the first video uploading, streaming and sharing platform to support HD videos.

18. Dailymotion – Owned by French media conglomerate Vivendi, Dailymotion is a video sharing site available in 18 languages and 35 local versions.

19. Vine – Founded in 2012 and acquired by Twitter prior to launching, this short-form video hosting site allows users to share video loops for 6 seconds.

20. MetaCafe – This platform functions like Vine in that it specialises in short-form videos that cut across various categories.

21. – Find millions of free websites, movies, software, electronic books and other downloadable documents at this non-profit library.

22. – The Open Video Project is a website that allows users to share video collections from any genre (e.g. documentary, historical, lecture, educational, etc).

23. My Space Video – My Space provides a venue for building connections, discovering new content and sharing or uploading personal videos.

24. Veoh – This California-based Internet television company and website let users find and view studio-released, independent and self-produced videos.

25. JW Player – Developed by a company of the same name, JW Player is a video player software embedded on websites and used by news sites and companies for video hosting purposes.

News Websites

26. CNN – Cable News Network is a trusted US-based cable television news channel that has operated since 1980; its website publishes the latest news across America and the world.

27. BBC – The British Broadcasting Corporation delivers web news, political analysis and opinions around the globe and not just the United Kingdom.

28. – This website is the online news distribution arm of Fox News, a cable and satellite television news channel based in New York City.

29. Wall Street Journal – WSJ is a New York-based daily newspaper with an international circulation focusing on business and finance.

30. The Economist – This newspaper website operates like a weekly magazine, publishing articles on a regular basis offering the latest information and insights on social science, finance, science and technology, economic and more.

31. Al Jazeera – Owned by Qatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network, this state-funded broadcasting company functions as a news portal with documentaries, multimedia info drives, podcasts and a new analysis on issues concerning the Middle East and the rest of the world.

32. Channel News Asia – A free-to-air 24-hour cable and satellite television news agency and channel headquartered at Singapore and broadcasted across Asia and Oceania.

33. The Washington Post – One of the news websites that provide in-depth coverage of politics, business, weather, social and world news.

34. Reuters – Reuters is a highly acclaimed international news agency that delivers the latest news around the world.

35. NBC News – All the latest stories in the world from politics and business to pop culture, entertainment and health can be seen and read on

Social Bookmarking Websites

36. Reddit – This social bookmarking and networking site allows users to share links, texts and multimedia on customisable subreddits that facilitate easy topic browsing.

37. Digg – Users can submit links on Digg's bookmarking platform but sans a clear system for organising and searching topics.

38. Diigo – Diigo has an easy bookmarking interface that lets you submit links, images, videos and other documents to a group or for public viewing.

39. StumbleUpon – Similar to Digg and Reddit, StumbleUpon's platform facilitates link and multimedia sharing with tagging features.

40. Bookmarkee – Bookmarkee has an easy interface that lets you share links, add tags and save a group of links under customisable folders.

41. Newsvine – A place for sharing the latest news, insights, trends and syndicated content from around the world.

42. BizSugar – Like other bookmarking sites, you can share links and categorise various websites, articles and content sources through its unique platform.

43. Scoop.It – A typical bookmarking site with tagging and link sharing features, creates a different experience for users by offering page snippets plus options for uploading your own images.

44. Slashdot – The website markets itself as a news site for nerds, technology and open source issues and other stuff that matters.

45. Folkd – A venue for saving links and bookmarks online and searching for topics your friends are interested in.

46. Fark – Fark adopts a humorous approach to link sharing and holds regular Photoshop or meme-making contests.

47. Dribbble – A site for designers who need design ideas, feedback and a community they can connect with.

48. – This site allows users to save anything – videos, articles, apps or just about any link – in their account.

49. BagtheWeb – Easy platform for organising, saving and sharing links.

50. WeHeartItHighly visual and interactive bookmarking interface.

Website Builders/ Content Management Systems

51. Wordpress – The biggest open-source PHP and MySQL-based content management system (CMS) in cyberspace, WordPress is free and powers almost 30 per cent of websites.

52. Blogger – Bought by Google 15 years ago, Blogger has a customisable CMS platform that enables users to produce a blog according to their preferences.

53. Nibbleblog – This PHP-based content management platform is easy to install (1-step process) and powers numerous blogs.

54. Medium – Medium is a content depository and a CMS platform that covers a range of topics from business to technology to personal opinions about any subject.

55. Weebly – A drag-and-drop website builder with custom themes, web hosting services, a blogging CMS and a designated builder for e-commerce websites.

56. Wix – You can easily arrange, add or remove on-page elements and text with Wix's simple builder and content management interface.

57. Squarespace – The website provides a one-stop solution to all your website and content publishing needs.

58. Joomla – From websites to online applications, Joomla's acclaimed quick-launch content management system (CMS) creates fast and easy web development and content management experiences.

59. Yola – This free website comes with a free drag-and-drop builder, web hosting service and web address; users with no web development or design experience can build a website using Yola.

60. Zoho SitesFree hosting and free instant website builder with unlimited pages, galleries, slideshows and bandwidth, Zoho lets you create a blog as if it were a personal statement.

Free Stock Photos

61. Pixabay – Find millions of royalty-free stock photos and videos courtesy of a global community of netizens at Pixabay.

62. Pexels – Extensive collection of downloading free photos with creative commons license.

63. Unsplash – Powered by a community of generous amateur and seasoned photographers, Unsplash allows you to download any photo for any need.

64. – One of the best sources for free and publicly available high-resolution stock photos.

65. – A site powered by HubSpot that provides free images and lifetime access to any picture.

66. Allthefreestock – All images in this stock image depository are listed under a Creative Commons Zero license and can be used in any commercial endeavour.

67. Free Stock – An expansive source for free and carefully curated videos, images, icons and vector graphics.

68. PicJumbo – The site contains thousands of free high-resolution pictures you can download for commercial or personal use.

69. Yeah! Stock Photos – Yeah! offers an unlimited download for high resolutions stock photos with a royalty-free license.

70. Morguefile – In addition to finding 380,000 high-quality free-for-any-use images at Morguefile, users can learn basic photography lessons through the site's Classroom section.

71. – This website is a total visual delight with displays of their latest stock photos and featured images on their homepage.

72. StockVault – Choose from hundreds and thousands of images, graphics and backgrounds; no attribution is required whenever you download a file from StockVault.

73. – The only free stock photo website published through a Shopify platform, Burst showcases popular images from different categories.

74. LibreStock – All photos in LibreStock's database are free under a creative commons license, requiring no attribution.

75. Stock Free Images –One of the largest collections of stock photos, covering almost 2 million royalty-free illustrations, vectors and images but with the option to go premium.

Graphic Design Tools

76. Canva – Free customisable themes and quick editing features, Canva is a stellar cloud-based graphic design tool.

77. Picmonkey – Easy, quick image editing and designing interface with limited free options.

78. Fotor – Online photo designer and editing tool that lets you enhance and customise photos or create social media graphics.

79. BeFunky – Apply photo effects, create collages using a collage maker or adjust the filter to your taste using BeFunky's all-around Photo Editor.

80. Pixlr – Online app that resembles Photoshop's interface and help users transform ordinary photos into high resolution and share-worthy images.

81. Lunapic – Free online photo editor with a creator software for producing custom images, GIF and digital artwork.

82. Photocat – A website and a downloadable app at the same time, Photocat lets you create collages, retouch images, design your own graphics or add stickers and other extra features to your photo.

83. Stencil – A simple design and editing interface that's perfect for bloggers, social media enthusiasts and individuals doing DIY visual Internet marketing.

84. Snappa – For easy creation, editing and publishing of custom images and online graphics, try Snappa's user-friendly graphic design and photo editing tool.

85. DesignBold – This website offers a fun and effortless way of designing, editing and creating graphics and stylised photos.

86. Piktochart – Piktochart provides a range of customisable templates for digital and offline marketing.

87. Crello – Quick, easy image editor for social media covers, posts, blog graphics, presentations, posters and offline marketing templates.

88. Vectr – Web and desktop cross-platform graphics editor tool for both graphic designers and non-designers.

89.Infogram – For colourful, creative and organised infographics, you can find a wide array of free and editable layouts at Infogram.

90. – Create professional infographics and presentations using's platform, which offers 1000 free design templates and images.

Automated Online Marketing Tools

91. MailChimp – Founded by American company Rocket Science Group in 2001, MailChimp has evolved into a popular automated email marketing platform with custom graphic design options.

92. HootSuite – This social media management platform began operating in 2008 and allows users to integrate their social media accounts and schedule their posts through an interactive dashboard.

93. Constant Contact - With headquarters in Massachusetts, Constant Contact is a digital marketing company that helps clients make creative marketing emails and manage their email marketing campaign.

94. Survey Monkey – Cloud-based survey development software founded in 1999.

95. Qualtrics – Marketed as an experience management platform, the company website guarantees to simplify research and convert surveys to action.

96. Salesforce – A cloud computing company specialising in customer relationship management (CRM) and social networking apps.

97. Hubspot – This inbound marketing and sales software has been designed to grow businesses, convert leads to sales and attract target markets.

98. Marketo – Marketing software that helps digital marketers automate emails and newsletters, engage potential clients and generate qualified leads.

99. – Users can create, test and send product messages under a single automated platform through's quick and easy marketing automation dashboard.

100. Pica9 – This website gives you access to an automated digital asset management software that locally distributes brand assets to dealers and franchisees.

Technology News Publishers

101. TechCrunch – A well-known publisher of technology news, TechCruch has been in operation since 2005.

102. Gizmodo – Politics, technology and science are commonly featured topics in Gizmodo, a website that runs on Kinja, a free online news aggregator.

103. Engadget – Offering consumer technology news and reviews since 2004, Engadget, now a global multimedia organisation, has extended its news coverage to gaming and entertainment.

104. Mashable – This digital media website discusses business, technology, science, culture, entertainment and social good among others.

105. CrunchBase – CrunchBase is a responsive website offering insights and analysis into different marketplaces, investors, individuals, industries and business sectors.

106. ReadWrite – One of the top 100 websites for entrepreneurs according to Forbes, ReadWrite is a popular digital media platform and web technology blog.

107. ZDNet – TechRepublic and CBS Interactive publish regular technology and business news on ZDNet.

108. VentureBeat - This American multimedia website publishes long-form features, informative interviews, economic analysis, world news and more, mainly around the subject of technology.

109. TheNextWeb – A trusted portal for economy, culture, business and technology news and initiatives.

110. WIRED – Published on a monthly basis, this American magazine focuses on startup technologies and their effects on culture and the political economy.

111. Recode – Highly informed and seasoned tech and media journalists supply the latest tech news, independent reviews, reports and analysis on Recode.

112. Tech in Asia – Developed for tech communities based in Asia, this website is an all-in-one platform for events, media and jobs across different Asian countries.

113. Gigaom –  News, trends and statistics related covering Internet and digital technology topics.

114. Lifehacker – Launched early in 2005, the Lifehacker weblog provides news and updates about software and life hacks.

115. gHacks – Find technology, software, digital service and app reviews and tips at gHacks.

E-Commerce Platforms

116. WooCommerce – The go-to WordPress plugin for small and established online businesses.

117. Shopify – A non-open source e-commerce store builder with limited custom features but secure payment options.

118. Magento – Written in PHP, this open-source e-commerce platform is trusted by more than 600,000 businesses around the world.

119. YoKart – An e-commerce platform with a responsive interface, designed for multivendor marketplaces.

120. BigCommerce – This e-commerce software developer was founded in 2009 and currently headquartered at Texas.

121. TicTail – Built for emerging designers, TicTail is a DIY customisable e-commerce tool and shopping website for social shoppers.

122. X-Cart – Open source shopping cart system accessible through a SaaS or a download package.

123. OpenCart – A free PHP-based online store management platform that also uses HTML and MySQL.

124. Drupal Commerce – Drupal is an open source CRM for e-commerce; it uses PHP and is free under a general public license (GNU).

125. WP eCommerceThis website combines elements of a secure shopping cart and a customisable e-commerce platform.

Website Design and Graphic Design Galleries

126. Behance – Built to inspire designers and artists, the site provides links and image snippets to creative websites developed from CSS and HTML.

127. CSS Nectar – Made for developers and web designers, CSS Nectar showcases a variety of submitted website designs through a featured gallery on the home page and users can rate each design based on specific criteria.

128. Webdesign-Inspiration – This inspiration gallery helps designers, entrepreneurs and digital agencies come up with new design ideas for an existing or incoming project.

129. siteInspire – The website functions as a CSS gallery with more than 2000 sample websites, categorised based on style, type and target market or nature of business.

130. HTML Inspiration – Web designers can visit HTML Inspiration to see awesome samples of HTML and CSS websites and get design inspiration.

131. – The website tackles all subjects related to design, from contemporary art and urban lifestyle to digital art to fashion to architecture and interior decoration.

132. DesignCrowd – This custom design marketplace gives designers the leeway to start a project or apply for a design project of their choice.

133. HowDesign – HowDesign is not just a site for getting design ideas, it also offers career advice for freelancers and start-up graphic and web designers.

134. – Graphic design website that sells high-resolution graphics and rewards winning graphic designers who join the site's regular design contest.

135. Boss office works – The site offers essential business services from printing to advanced graphic design.

SEO Specialists and SEO Tools

136. Neil Patel Blog – SEO Guru Neil Patel is the founder of three popular SEO and digital marketing websites – Kissmetrics, Hello Bar and Crazy Egg – but he also has his own website and a YouTube Channel, where he shares his SEO knowledge to a global online community.

137. Search Engine Land – Everything you need to know about search engine marketing, SEO and digital marketing campaigns can be found on this top-ranked website.

138. Kissmetrics – The brainchild of Neil Patel, Kissmetrics is a high ranking site that discusses any topic related to search engine optimisation and digital technology.

139. MOZ – Though originally a software service company specialising in inbound marketing and analytics, MOZ has extended its influence by maintaining a blog and providing online SEO tools.

140. Alexa – This website functions as a global ranking tool, letting users see their website's standing (their reputation on the local or global scale), traffic sources and audience demographics.

141. Search Engine Journal – Read the latest technology news, watch tutorial videos or access the best SEO guides through the Search Engine Journal website and online community.

142. SEMRush – A website recommended for SEO practitioners who need data-driven insights and intelligent solutions to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

143. Similar Web – Another online market intelligence platform that lets you grow your business online and see your competitors' performance.

145. YoastHome of the #1 WordPress plugin, the Yoast website has a blog and SEO courses for individuals interested in learning more about SEO as well as sections where they can access SEO plugins or purchase premium SEO.

Online Libraries/Catalogues

146. GoodReads – One of the most popular social cataloguing websites, individuals can search through an extensive database of books, quotes and reader reviews or register books on their personal reading lists.

147. Libib – This site offers a simple and easy system for cataloguing or managing your own little online library.

148. Riffle Books – In addition to giving bookworms a place to interact with other readers and bibliophiles, Riffle offers a space where you can kick off a reading habit and track your reading progress.

149. Booktrib – From author interviews to pop culture to the latest books, BookTrib encourages readers and writers to subscribe to and get content inspiration from their website.

150. Library Thing – Find new books at Library Thing and converse with fellow bibliophiles by joining groups and starting topic threads.

Online Payment Systems

151. PayPal – Users can set up a merchant or personal account and pay, send or receive money online without hassle through PayPal's digital money transfer system.

152. Stripe – A user-friendly online payment platform with fraud prevention and subscription management features.

153. Skrill – An e-commerce platform that facilitates web money transfers and online payments at low-cost rates.

154. 2CheckOut – 2Checkout can be integrated with PayPal and credit or debit card accounts through its online payment processing interface.

155. WePay – This site is powered by APIs that provide custom and risk-protected payment solutions to marketplaces, crowdfunding sites and small-scale software businesses.

156. Dwolla – Integrate bank transfers and verify bank account information using Dwolla's platform.

157. Amazon Payment – A digital payment processor powered by Amazon (now integrated with Airpay) that lets customers make online payments or send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

158. Payza – You can shop online, pay bills and send and receive money with Payza's online payment platform.

159. Payoneer – Get paid by international marketplaces and international clients through Payoneer's multidimensional online payment system.

160. Neteller – This electronic wallet and e-money services provider is owned by Paysafe Group, a publicly-traded company based in the United Kingdom.

161. Moneygram – The second biggest money order supplier that facilitates sending and receiving money around the world.

162. Western Union – Send money online across 200 countries and territories in the world at the Western Union website.

163. WebMoney – An online payment system with over 36 million users and hundreds and thousands of stores, Web Money has been a trusted online payment since 19998.

164. TransferWise – TransferWise offers an affordable, quick and easy way to transfer money from one location to another.

165. Brain TreeA subsidiary of PayPal, this Chicago-based company accommodates both mobile and web payment for e-commerce.

Image Hosting Websites

166. Image Shack – Headquartered at California, ImageShack offers image hosting services on a subscription basis but users can upload, resize and share images on any device.

167. Photo Bucket – Photo Bucket is an online photo community, a hosting site with unlimited third party hosting plans and a video sharing platform under one website.

168. Google Photos – If you have a Gmail account, you can easily and safely back up, organise and label images from your mobile, tablet or desktop through Google Photos.

169. TinyPic – This video and image sharing and hosting site lets you link, post and upload images on any social media account, blogging platform or forum without having to create TinyPic account.

170. Imgur – Founded by Alan Schaaf, Imgur is an image host and sharing community that ranks highly rated photos and features them on the homepage.

171. 500px – An image hosting website and a community for photo enthusiasts at the same time.

172. Imgbb – Allows users to upload, integrate or share photos, which will be hosted on Imgbb's server.

173. CTRLQ – This free image reducer and hosting site lets you upload images without signups.

174. – A website offering free permanent image links to blogs, forums and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook through its easy image uploading system.

175. Flickr – Established in 2004 by Ludicorp and later on bought by Yahoo, Flickr hosts images and videos in addition to other web services.

Non-Profit Organisations

176. National Geographic Channel – The official website of the American knowledge-based satellite and cable television network, majority-owned by 21st Century Fox, covers science, technology, wildlife and culture subjects.

177. Discovery Channel – Originally a cable network focusing on science, technology and other branches of knowledge, the Discovery Channel website provides a wealth of information to readers.

178. United Nations – A global organisation with almost 200 member states, the United Nations spearheads treaties, pacts and global movements. Their website contains updates and latest news about their activities.

179. Briteweb – An agency based in New York specialising in digital marketing and branding for non-profit organisations.

180. World Wildlife FundWWF is an internationally renowned organisation for conserving wildlife and endangered species and their official website provides information about endangered animals and current conservation efforts.

Web Hosting Sites

181. GoDaddy – With millions of customers and thousands of employees across the globe, GoDaddy rose through the ranks to become a famous publicly-traded tech company specialising in web hosting and domain registration.

182. Bluehost – Along with its sister company iPage and Host Monster, Bluehost is among the top 20 web hosting sites with more than 2 million domains under its belt.

183. iPage – Design your own website using iPage's drag-and-drop website builder and get a free domain name too.

184. Host Gator – This Texas-based website is a pioneer in green web hosting and simultaneously functions as a dedicated host and reseller of various web solutions.

185. – A highly recommended site for a variety of web services from web design and domain registration to web hosting; also offers eCommerce hosting, email setup, SSL certificates installation and other online security measures.

186. Just Host – Hosting site with affordable packages, 24-hour free support, free site builders and one-click install open-source apps and plugins.

187. Start Logic – Holistic web solutions such as domain registration, business email setup, web hosting, builder, tutorials and 24/7 chat support.

188. Sitey – A simple drag-and-drop builder, Sitey allows users to create blogs, connect social media accounts and choose a template.

189. Host Monster – This website offers different types of hosting services including WordPress, shared and dedicated hosting; it also comes with free site builders, web templates, 24/7 support and a hosting space without meter.

190. FatCow – Small-medium enterprises and single proprietors can use FatCow for their web hosting needs.

Software Download Websites

191. Softpedia – This Romania-based website provides information about software and offers both free and paid downloads, accessible on any device.

192. Major Geeks – A website that offers free Android, iOS and Windows software and other downloadable apps, reviewed by technology editors.

193. FileHippo – Download and access free editions of various software programs, freeware and shareware.

194. FileHorse – Select an assortment of choice software programs for Windows PC under various categories.

195. Ninite – To install or update software the fast and easy way, Ninite offers automatic downloads and installations.

196. Snapfiles – A pioneer pre-millennium software download site, SnapFiles is a freeware and shareware download site, focusing mainly on Windows products.

197. Download Crew – Software programs on the Download Crew database are carefully selected, quality tested and reviewed by industry professionals.

198. – Download free software including the latest operating systems, office productivity apps and more at Softlay.

199. Softonic – This popular software download site began in 1997; now it has more than 100 million monthly users with approximately 6 million software and app downloads every day.

200. Soft32 – Soft32 is a pioneer website for software reviews and free app and software downloads.

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