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Digital Muscle is a leading Australia SEO company that always puts customers first. We are specialized in helping businesses increase enquiries and sales, driving traffic that is 100% relevant to your sites. We do this as we have the tools and experience that are necessary to get top Google positions in the shortest possible time frame. Our team of SEO specialists in Australia helps you to save money while maximizing your return on investment. We have serviced over 500 clients and all our clienteles have been satisfied with the results we achieved for them. That is why we invite you to get in touch with our team by filling out the contact form so you too can be successful on the search results.


SEO Company Australia

An effective search engine optimization campaign is an integral part of any online business with means of capturing new business to your website. If your business is all about avoiding costly advertising campaigns for the foreseeable future then the other alternative is to increase your visibility on the search engines by increasing your site’s rankings on the search results. In this digital day and age, your business will need expert advice on how to rank prominently so that your competitors will have to do the chasing. Our team at Digital Muscle has the in-depth knowledge, experience and resources to propel your website further up the rankings. Our SEO experts in Australia have been working with successful clienteles in various industries consistently achieving top ten rankings despite the industry. We target the most competitive keywords and phrases that people search for to find your services or product and we work on it month upon month. We work with small to medium sized companies as well as larger corporations to put together strategies that give you the best return on investment. We also offer a wide scope of services which are closely related to search engine optimization.


Keeping You Informed

We keep our customers constantly involved with the whole SEO campaign. Our dedicated Campaign managers will liaise with you on a weekly or fortnightly basis (depending on the arrangement). In this manner we are able to provide a personalized service that is convenient so that you will always be involved with the SEO process. No one likes being passed around to numerous different people when calling to find out their current status as their campaign progresses which is why the notion of having a dedicated campaign manager keeping you up to date is not such a bad idea after all. Furthermost, our campaign managers can fine tune keyword choices and analyze increased traffic levels as the campaign progresses on so that you shall receive the maximum benefits from the SEO campaign. If you are looking for SEO specialists Australia look no further today. Consult with us free of charge today by either filling out the form on this page or the contact us page or call us. Within 24 hours a member of our team will get back to you with research pertaining to your website and suggestions and ideas on how to further enhance your company’s online presence and results.

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SEO Australia, SEO Specialists

Digital Muscle is a leading Australia SEO company that always puts customers first. We are specialised in helping businesses increase enquiries and sales, driving traffic that is 100% relevant to your sites. We do this as we have the tools and experience that are necessary to get top Google positions in the shortest possible time frame.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our team of SEO specialists in Australia helps you to save money while maximizing ROI. We serviced over 100 clients so far and all our clients were satisfied with the rankings they got. That is why we invite you to learn more about us and get in touch with one of our specialists. Click the button below to learn more about our affordable SEO services.

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"SEO is not finished when you start seeing results. Even if you get to the top spot on the Google searches that you care about, your job isn’t done. You need to make sure you stay on top of these searches. Your competitors will want to take your top spot away from you."

- John I. Jerkovic, SEO Warrior (2009)

Why choose us as your SEO partner?


We take a client-focused approach that puts you and your company first.
We strive for excellence! We're ranked the #1 SEO agency in Australia. That doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels, all our attention is focused on staying #1.
We are your one stop shop for all SEO and web related things. The wide array of SEO, Design and Development services we offer means that, you only have to work with one company.
Unlike most other SEO companies, you won't ever have to jump through any hoops with us. You'll work directly with our talented team of SEO experts.
We know how to make an impact. At our SEO agency, we create and optimize websites to be more efficient sales tools that generate qualified leads, build and strengthen connections with your visitors, and generate sales.
We're a talented team of search engine optimizers, web designers and web developers who are dedicated to taking our client's websites to the top of the search rankings.
We take the time to understand your business and get to know your potential customers mindset. This is the reason we're able to create more effective websites and SEO campaigns.
We have a reputation for being great at what we do, and we firmly believe that we're the very best at it. Our SEO clients seem to think so, too. Check out our testimonials and see for yourself.
We have implemented successful onsite SEO solutions for clients in locations ranging across the globe from our headquarters in Australia to the United States and Canada, and everywhere in between.
Our SEO results combined with our ever growing web design and development portfolios speak for themselves.


Websites that convert Traffic into Sales

Not only do our websites convert traffic into sales, they also rank highly on Google, Yahoo & Bing so potential customers can find you when they need you. We offer a complete SEO service that includes everything that is necessary for high quality results. Digital Muscle is an Australian owned SEO company that you can trust!


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SEO Specialists in Australia

With knowledge of various strategies in the digital marketing arena, Digital Muscle Limited SEO specialists’ expertise is attested to meet all your business needs. We analyse your business to assess the requirements and use a problem solving methodology to come up with perfect solutions with visible results in the form of increased customer, improved sales and increased profitability.

To start with, we intend to provide information to our customers such that we have business owners with enough knowledge to make informed decisions for themselves. Our focus is centred entirely on the customers in that we ensure the business can be fully taken care of with the knowledge of the owner as well as our proficiency.

Digital Muscle Limited is the SEO company in Australia that provides you with a rare opportunity to understand your own SEO needs and allow you to be a more active participant in the process of online optimization to bring your business up to speed in today’s day and age apart from the services that we provide to you.

About SEO

Understanding SEO is the first step you need to take to apprehend the need for consulting an SEO company Australia. To start with, the basics can be covered by accepting that presence on the World Wide Web is a must for any company or service, big or small. Moving forward from that, presence is not the measure of the mere existence of a website.

In the world of internet, existing online is insignificant if your presence is not visible. This means that your website should appear in the results as close to the top as possible, when a person uses a relevant keyword in a search engine. Making a website suitable to appear in the results is the basic aim of Search Engine Optimisation, as is obvious from the full form of the term SEO.

At our end, we as digital marketers have gained expertise in keeping up to date with all the strategies that can be employed to optimize your website with conversion rates in mind. This means that the ultimate goal is to increase views that would convert into sales that would be profitable to your business.


SEO is basically an understanding of the way search engines such as Google, work. Additionally, it requires the knowledge of what people look for on these search engines, the type of searches they run in that the words or phrases that they use which we refer to as keywords and key phrases, respectively. While this is a more generalized, on-going process on the one hand, the other side of SEO is more specific to your business. This side refers to a more refined documentation of the audiences that form your target demographic, which allows you to optimize your website to be visible to the right kind of internet users allowing them to land onto your page.

This leads us to further our venture into what is known as Conversion Rate Optimization. The long term aim of digital marketing is to increase the sales of your product or service. After getting possible customers to reach your website through SEO strategies, the next step is to aim that they purchase your product or service. This can also be taken a step further by ensuring that these are not one time customers. The term loyal customers is befitting here.

Digital Muscle Limited has SEO specialists Australia can be proud of. As simple as the concept of SEO and CRO seem, the steps required to ensure the end goal is achieved require planning and extensive implementation methods. We, however, ensure that you do not have to worry about these as our knowledge and proficiency form the crux of digital marketing consultancy services that we provide to you.

Organic SEO

The concept of long term investment and shortcuts apply to SEO as well. This means that you can produce large sums of money to buy your way into the internet market in a very short period of time. The results are fast and you see them right away and isn’t that the dream every business owner has? To climb up in the ranks real fast. However, this shortcut is also a short term approach. Quick results are not lasting and being a business owner you can see the logic in using a shortcut as a bad investment.

This is why Digital Muscle Limited employs SEO tactics that are centred on organic results. These are also referred to as natural or earned results. Organic SEO aims at utilizing strategies that allow you to be linked to search engines through an authentic approach. Organic SEO specialists at Digital Muscle Limited optimize your website with different types of searches as target. These include image search, video search, local search, news search, academic search as well as vertical search engines that are industry specific.

Pro SEO Services and Advice

Digital marketing is a service based industry and the focus of Digital Muscle Limited is to extend this service to as many business owners as possible. This means that we do not limit our service to target large businesses only. The size of your business does not matter to us because we make it our mission to help you lead in the competition and become bigger and better. For this, we have designed our packages to suit all businesses, large or small.

Our services our offered to start-up companies through our basic plan which is an easy package for those who are relatively new to SEO. The Basic +1 is the most popular package among our clientele known to provide value for money. If your business is beyond that phase and you require a serious boost for your SEO, advanced plan is the one for you to tap into the power of an SEO campaign. Our platinum package is the ultimate deal breaker and is best known for allowing you to give you a significant lead in search engine competition.

Digital Muscle Limited is an SEO company that offers you a lead in the industry with a full money back guarantee; just the kind of assurance you need while investing.

Build Brand Awareness

Digital marketing is in large part, also dependant on brand awareness. This is a more advertising centred approach, unlike the more direct approach taken in SEO and CRO. However, it is still linked in many ways to both and is therefore, extremely important in bringing you at the top of your game.

Our digital marketing strategies also employ tactics that can help with brand awareness by directing the identity of your brand to the consumers and target demographic. Brand recognition as well as brand recall are two measures of the identity of a brand. The ultimate goal is to create brand awareness such that it can be recognised by a large enough customer base to convert it into what is called a household name.

Boost Your Business

There are three main steps that you need to take in order to boost a business. To start with, you need to assess the current ranking of your business in the market. This does not mean that you compare yourself to multinationals although you are a start-up company. Business rankings are specific to the type and scale of your business. They also include the time that you have invested to bring the business to its existing state, among many other factors.

Small businesses SEO is an idea worth looking into and for that you need to start with an assessment. Digital Muscle Limited allows you to see exactly where you stand in the main search engines with an on-site analysis provided to you for free. This step is a must before you choose from our packages or ask for a customized SEO campaign that suits your needs.

After a free estimate, we assure you that in large part, we will work towards website optimization that increases traffic, converts traffic into sales as well as allow potential clients to find you on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo when they need to. The process does not end with the application of generalized solutions.

We venture into providing you with customized solutions as every business presents its own challenges. With the best SEO specialists Sydney has to offer, the Digital Muscle Limited team will ensure exclusively engineered solutions are employed specific to the SEO requirements of your company.

SEO Penalty Removal

With Google as the top name in search engines, targeting SEO strategies based on its guidelines is a major concern for SEO services Sydney. Digital Muscle Limited offers its customers with an SEO penalty assessment based service as well. This service is designed to evaluate, thoroughly, the website of your company to point out any loopholes that become a cause for drop in search engine ranking based on the guidelines provided by Google. A large number of websites for companies lose business or have decreased profits from a failure to meet Google guidelines.

Digital Muscle Limited also calls this service Google Penalty Removal. For this we provide you with a link analysis based on evaluation on any links that are inorganic or unnatural. We run tests on Google Webmaster Tool for link reports as well as our own software tools. Apart from identifying the links that need to be removed, we also provide guidelines on how to successfully rid your website of such links. This is followed by recommendation on how to request reconsideration.

This process also involves looking for spam and an evaluation of your home page as well as other types of pages; up to eight landing pages. Content is the key to any successful website and ensuring quality content also helps to avoid penalties. We check your website content for any duplication and presence of substandard material.

SEO Penalty Removal packages vary on the size of the website as well as the accumulated backlinks which are generally proportional to the size of the website. The time it takes for your website to be redeemed and reconsidered also varies on its size but an estimated period of 60 to 90 days is taken, from the start, to send in a detailed request to Google.

Case Studies

We have provided case studies on our website to allow future clients to be assured of our services and have no doubts regarding our efforts to provide an excellent service. Instead of simply putting forth a few testimonials from our previous clients, we offer you a detailed account of our previous work to warrant that you feel confident in becoming satisfied customers of Digital Muscle Limited.


Our blog focuses on presenting to you the best ideas in the field of digital marketing arena. One of our over-arching aims is to empower you with complete understanding and knowledge of digital marketing and its many facets. From SEO to CRO as well as CTR (Click Through Rate), loading speeds and all other concerns that affect your search engine ranking.

We encourage all our previous, current as well as future clients to regularly keep a look out for all the interesting reads on our blog to be enlightened with valuable tips, tricks, advice, dos and don’ts in digital marketing. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with all that is going on at Digital Muscle Limited.

Owning a company is a huge responsibility and a lot is at stake when you are unable to compete in the relevant market. Present times require quick responses in assessing problems and concerns. The digital age demands business owners to extend their knowledge through an understanding of digital marketing. For this, Digital Muscle Limited is a great source of knowledge and targeted information. With our carefully designed process with the flexibility to asses and provide uniquely engineered SEO solutions for any business or company, you will not only be able to secure your assets but expand them to insurmountable levels that your competitors would envy.


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