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Google Expands Its College Discovery Tool

By Christine Hazel 16 Aug 2019
Google Expands Its College Discovery Tool

Google will now cover more colleges and universities in their search features. Though the college discovery tool project was first launched in 2018, the search engine giant’s recent updates offer a wider variety of schools and programs.

In this new update, users will be able to search for two-year colleges and colleges offering certificate and associate programs.

This new college discovery engine that Google invented is designed to help students find colleges and programs that match their interests.

What you can expect from this upgraded Google feature? Check out the list below:

(1) More Programs and Colleges in the Search Results

If you are searching for colleges, a bunch of knowledge graph cards will show up on the results pages. Prior to this upgrade, this feature was only limited to four-year colleges.

From here on out, however, the knowledge graph cards will showcase two-year colleges and in-demand programs that are available at four-year colleges.

(2) Cost Projection

The knowledge graph cards will give you in-depth information about individual programs including tuition fee costs besides providing information about the college itself and its respective departments.

The interface gives searchers a real estimate of costs for a particular program and college. In addition to tuition cost, Google will show a rundown of your possible total cost. This already includes books, miscellaneous and accommodation expenses.

(3) More Choices, Better Decisions

With Google’s new college exploration tool, you will be able to filter your search based on your preferences. Filter options include acceptance rate, specific program, location, type of college, state and population size.

If you are not certain as to what kind of college you would like to study in, you can use generic keywords like “social science colleges in [specific location].”




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