How we got 106,000 people to search Ribs & Co. on the map in 10 months

Ribs & Co. is a local burger joint with 16 stores operating across Australia. They touched base with our SEO specialists from Digital Muscle, relaying their desire to increase their online presence and revenue sources.

The Problem

Ribs & Co. was a moderately popular brand. They already had a decent following but faced a problem of income sustainability. Their popularity was not enough to reach monthly quotas.

Digital Muscle studied the cause of this problem and found out that despite the company’s following, consumers were unaware of its locations. The restaurant had a lot of chance or accidental customers but only a few loyal customers. Hardly anyone knew where the nearest store was.

Our Solutions

With this understanding, our in-house SEO specialists handling this project decided to put Ribs & Co. on the map, so to speak. We wanted people to know more about Ribs & Co., look up the restaurant online and deliberately visit any of their 16 branches. Potential customers must have a clear idea of their restaurant locations and how they appear on Google Map.

After forging an agreement, we ran an SEO campaign for several months. Since Digital Muscle uses different strategies for different clients, depending on the issue(s) they want to focus on, we implemented a customised set of strategies, specifically designed to drive growth to Ribs & Co.

The Results

By working closely with the stakeholders of Ribs & Co., the campaign proceeded smoothly and generated impressive results. Not only did we exceed the company’s expectations, we were able to attract thousands of traffic to their website. In the span of 10 months, we managed to increase their average daily web traffic by 28 per cent.

A Surge in Phone and Online Enquiries

The geo targeting strategies we employed throughout the duration of the campaign resulted in more than 30,000 contact form submissions and phone and email orders and enquiries. Because we localised the business, Ribs & Co. was able to receive enquiries and visits from customers who lived nearby and wanted to eat burgers or try a new restaurant. Furthermore, Digital Muscle used relevant keywords that matched with the search intent of local users.

Huge Increase in Map Searches

We created a Google My Business Page for Ribs & Co. and mapped out all of its 16 locations in Australia. The designated Digital Muscle SEO team also posted pictures of restaurant interiors, exteriors, menu items and staff. As a result, there were more than 100,000 requests for directions and map searches. Ribs & Co. also appeared on Google snippets for a number of target keywords while simultaneously ranking high on search engine results pages.

Google Rankings

To this day, Ribs & Co. displays a strong online presence. We recently conducted an SEO audit and saw that their website continues to rank well on search engine results pages. As you can see below, there has been a significant increase in web traffic:

Ribs & Co SEO Audit

Key takeaways from the campaign:
(1) Rankings of all target keywords increased by 60%
(2) Marketing costs dropped by 11%
(3) Visitors browse through the website at an average of more than 6 minutes

Moving Forward

On the whole, Digital Muscle’s SEO campaign with Ribs & Co. had been a resounding success. One reason why we were able to do so much in the span of 10 months is that our partnership with the restaurant chain was built on mutual trust and respect. We communicated openly and focused on delivering impressive outcomes for Ribs & Co.

The next phase of this campaign would be to increase the company’s social media presence and drive sustainable traffic, leads, and sales through various online platforms.

David W.

Ribs & Co.

Digital Muscle’s SEO campaign with Ribs & Co. generated great results and achieved one of our company’s important goal: to enhance the company’s online search visibility. They tirelessly and strategically implemented the campaign and put Ribs & Co. on the local map and various other listings. It did not take long before our user engagement also increased.
Digital Muscle met us half-way and did their best to ensure their strategies matched with our business objectives. It was a productive and win-win partnership with mutual benefits. Furthermore, Digital Muscle updated us from throughout the campaign. We are proud to be able to work with a leading SEO company in America. If your business is in the same situation as ours when we first started, I highly recommend that you contact Digital Muscle ASAP.