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  • Improve Business Website Traffic with these Simple Hacks

    By Christine Hazel 22 Mar 2019

    Did you know that there are around 1.24 billion websites around the world? This means tough competition. But do bear in mind that you're not attempting to tap into all web users. Your goal is to convince more folks in your target market to go to your website. Below are some straightforward and cost-efficient ways you can expand relevant traffic to your web site. 1. Activate Your Google My Business Account Did you recognize that associate degree optimized Google My Business listing gets 7x additional visits than an incomplete one? Don’t forget that your listing links to your web site, thus this can be a good sign for getting additional traffic to your web site. detain mind additionally that Google is obtaining smarter and…

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  • New Instagram Feature To Boost E-Commerce Sites

    By Christine Hazel 20 Mar 2019

    Instagram has recently released an ecommerce program for various brands, enabling them to sell products through the mobile app. ‘Checkout on Instagram’ is presently in its closed beta phase with connections to major brands. Brands that are able to use this feature will have a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ button on the product page of their online stores. Users can tap the button and configure a range of options. They have the option to choose their preferred size, color and whatnot, then proceed to checkout at their convenience. Perks of the…

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  • 3 Hassle-Free Ways to Automate Your Marketing

    By Christine Hazel 18 Mar 2019

    Business owners should invest time and energy into every marketing campaign. With proper nourishment, you can unleash the real power of marketing to your advantage. In a nutshell, marketing is your catalyst for growth. It's your expansion engine. As a business owner, you may be pressed for time. But know that effective marketing doesn't mean you have to consume all your work hours just to implement your marketing strategies. It's about time to automate your system. Marketing automation is the trend these days. This is still targeted and personalised marketing…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Replenish Your Creative Reservoir

    By Christine Hazel 15 Mar 2019

    Creativity is ambivalent. At times, it overflows. Other times, it feels as if we're stuck in a rut. And we can't seem to move forward to start something new. There are also times when you take initiative and give yourself a push. When inspiration fails to strike, here are a few tips to consider. These might help you replenish your creativity in times of drought: 1) Get moving If your work requires hours facing your computer or being stuck in the same place, you have to find ways to keep…

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  • What is Brand Authenticity and What Does it Mean for your Business?

    By Christine Hazel 14 Mar 2019

    In the course of running your business, you may or may not have encountered the term ‘brand authenticity’ so you may or may not realise its impact on your business. Is the brand you buy or commit to (or the reputation you're projecting) authentic? And what on earth is 'authenticity’ anyway? Through a 15-point scale called the Perceived Brand Authenticity Scale (PBA Scale) published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology by global  researchers from 4 universities: (a) University Lausanne (Switzerland) (b) The University of Bern (Switzerland) (c)l’Université du Québec (Canada) (d)…

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