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  • Should You Ignore SEO Contests?

    By Christine Hazel 10 May 2019

    The SEO industry is competitive and SEO contests are everywhere. Search engine marketers, specialists and techpreneurs need to keep up with algorithm changes and new SEO rules all the time just to get ahead of the pack or stay in the game. A few days ago, however, Google’s John Mueller gave us a piece of his mind. He warned people against SEO contests, branding them as time-consuming and a waste of effort. Search Engine Journal suspected that last Wednesday’s outburst was spurred on by Wix. On his Twitter account, Mueller…

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  • How to Fully Recover from a Google Penalty and How We Did it

    By Christine Hazel 03 May 2019

    A Google penalty is a nightmare for website owners and search engine marketers. It’s one of those problems that happen before you know it. Worse, penalties are difficult to resolve. Give or take several weeks or months, depending on the gravity. So how do you overcome Google penalties? How do you make amends and set things right with the world’s biggest search engine? Before we go further into this discussion, it’s best to note that some penalties may not be as easy to resolve as others. There are times when…

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  • No-Click Phenomenon: A Search Behaviour Prevalent Among Younger Users

    By Christine Hazel 26 Apr 2019

    Path Interactive recently conducted a new user survey about Google SERP engagement. In their finding, organic search results remained superior. Most users prefer organic searches but younger user tend to engage with content in Rich Text Snippets and the Knowledge Panel without bothering to click on third-party websites. Now popularly dubbed as “no-click” search results, many publishers expressed their concern about this phenomenon. The survey polled searchers from different countries (but most respondents hail from the United States). Its goal was to identify how web users at present interact with…

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  • 3 Digital Marketing Stats to Refresh Your Online PR Strategies

    By Christine Hazel 19 Apr 2019

    The Easter weekend is upon us and we’ve got a few stats to help you jumpstart your digital marketing strategies. From social shopping to PR budgets to focus shifts, there's a lot of learning and unlearning to do for content marketers and techies. If you have time, you can also head over to the Internet Statistics Database to access other helpful stats. Below is a round-up of helpful digital marketing stats: 1) Social shoppers grew by 38 per cent within a 12-month period A recent study from Bazaarvoice discovered that a…

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  • Google Fixes Indexing Bug

    By Christine Hazel 12 Apr 2019

    It took six days of tireless effort from the Google team to fix the indexing bug that plagued many websites across cyberspace. Google claims to have fixed the issue but remains mum on the cause. The search engine giant did not explain what really went wrong. On Wednesday night, Google announced that the de-indexing issue affecting websites for about a week has already been fixed. Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) posted this tweet on April 11, 2019: The indexing issue has now been fully resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate…

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