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  • Why You Should Invest in Web Design & Avoid Free Website Builders

    By Christine Hazel 02 Aug 2019

    What makes a great website? Is it design, speed or user experience? A website that deserves applause is one that deftly pays attention to appearance, loading time, ease of navigation and other factors that, when taken together, encourage users to navigate further or keep coming back to your site. Factors like SEO-friendliness, the type of content management system used and Google rank can affect how well a website performs in the long run. In a study conducted by Fresh Chalk, 150 small businesses were interviewed and asked about their preferred…

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  • 3 Web Marketing Trends To Expect in 2020

    By Christine Hazel 26 Jul 2019

    July is nearing its end and 5 months from now, we are going to say goodbye to 2019. It's hard to believe that 2020 is right around the corner. And it's such a wonder that each year, technological innovations are driving digital marketers to the edge, forcing them to step up and adapt to new technology. Digital marketing paved the way to multichannel marketing, but fast-forward to today and we are now in the era of omnichannel marketing. Many are happy with the progress but it gets even the best…

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  • How to Spot Authentic SEO Companies from Shoddy Ones

    By Christine Hazel 25 Jul 2019

    As Search Engine Optimisation evolves, the industry gets more entangled in issues that have so often caused a headache among businesses. Getting cold calls from SEO companies with a disreputable background does not sit well with business owners. This article serves as a warning to SMEs lest they fall into the trap set by shady SEO firms. Note, however, that not all SEO companies use this kind of strategy. There are those who focus on providing leverage to your business by improving your website and boosting your online presence. In…

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  • Survey Shows that Spending $500/Month and Working with SEO Companies Generate Higher Client Satisfaction Rates

    By Christine Hazel 19 Jul 2019

    To acquire a better understanding of the present SEO industry, Backlinko recently interviewed about 1,200 business owners. The report’s main focus is on people’s SEO expenditure, why they prefer SEO companies over independent agencies or freelancers, and their average spending. What did the finding say? We have provided a summary below. Ideal SEO Spending Threshold - At Least $500/Month Most small businesses do not hesitate to spend $497.16 monthly for quality SEO services. There are, however, cases of large scale SEO spending. According to Backlinko’s survey, 50 per cent of…

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  • Why It’s Important to Work with a Professional Web Design Company

    By Christine Hazel 18 Jul 2019

    Whether you are a start-up business or an established one, it pays to have a solid online presence while working with a professional web design company. The strength of your online presence can contribute to your company’s overall access. And did you know that you leave a mark on the world wide web with every high-quality website you put out? In this rapidly expanding digital landscape, there are so many websites vying for first place positions on various search engine results pages (SERPs). From close to 900 million websites in…

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