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  • Google Rejects an Australian Competition Watchdog’s Proposal to Review Search Engine Algorithms

    By Christine Hazel 14 Feb 2019

    Another day, another Google news. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recently proposed a plan to establish a review authority that will oversee how search engine algorithms and how they rank information and web content. But Google is not having it. The search engine giant said the Australian competition auditor's proposal to monitor algorithm movements may likely increase spamming incidents. An Invitation to Spammers A top executive from Google, Pandu Nayak, who serves as vice-president of search, warned that such a proposal will only invite trouble. To quote Mr…

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  • Why Site Owners Must Be Careful with Syndicated Content

    By Christine Hazel 13 Feb 2019

    On a February 8th Google Webmaster Central hangout, John Mueller, senior webmaster trends analyst from Google, told website owners to be cautious when syndicating content. This could outrank the original content source in search engine results pages. What is web syndication? In a nutshell, web syndication is a type of licensing that makes original content from a website readily available on other sites. Every time the original source adds new content, summaries or full reports automatically appear on other sites. Syndicated web content may also pertain to other forms of…

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  • The New Google Maps AR Navigation Tool Will Make You a Savvy Traveler

    By Christine Hazel 12 Feb 2019

      If there’s one thing we can say about Google it’s that they are master innovators of web technology. Google’s research teams are always ahead of the pack, letting us in on their latest innovations beyond our imagination. Though the tech giant tends to upset our search engine optimisation efforts every now and then, we cannot deny that they are the best when it comes to creating web tools. What has Google done this time that everyone should look forward to? Whether you are a highly tech-savvy person or just…

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  • Want Your Blog to Earn More? Write About These Adsense Keywords!

    By Christine Hazel 11 Feb 2019

    This is the final instalment of the Adsense article series and one you must absolutely pay attention to. Monetising your blog does not always mean you have to stick to your business niche and just talk about it every time. You might exhaust yourself if you do this. Today’s content marketers and bloggers will leave no stone unturned. If they can generate content on any topic related to their industry or that can be helpful to their target audience, they certainly wouldn’t mind. Without further adieu, here are more high-paying…

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  • More Google Adsense Tips for Aspiring Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

    By Christine Hazel 08 Feb 2019

    In the previous blog post, we discussed a number of top performing and high paying industry keywords. This time around, we’ll provide more relevant keywords and information that you can use in your own Google Adsense campaign. Which exact keywords pay the most CPC on Adsense? Some high paying keywords generate approximately $1000+ per click. According to reports, the highest paying keyword in the field of online advertising is actually “mesothelioma survival rates”. This long tail keyword fetches a hefty $1006.56 per click. GrepWords compiles more than a million Google…

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