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  • How Much Did the September 2019 Broad Core Update Affect Your Site?

    By Christine Hazel 03 Oct 2019

    After Google rolled out their September 2019 broad core update, the house was divided. Some discussions online mentioned signs of recovery, traffic losses and neutral effects. The recent update was closely tied to linking systems currently in place. Drops in traffic were to be expected but more testimonies were about recoveries and slight ranking surges. Compared to past updates, what transpired in September 2019 have been generally tolerable. Who Won During the Latest Update? Group discussions online tend to be mostly positive. Some quality sites got hit but a closer…

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  • SEO for Beginners – Where to Start Learning

    By Christine Hazel 27 Sep 2019

    It’s a fact that even the most experienced digital marketers once put the time and effort to learn more about SEO back when they were just starting out. You can’t become an online marketing guru or an SEO specialist without starting anywhere. No matter how deep you want to delve into SEO, you must set your sights on key area. These include content marketing, web design, effective use of DIY tools such as Yoast Seo, Grammarly or DA checkers, and benchmarketing best practices. If you’re a neophyte who needs basic…

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  • New Google Core Update Rolled Out on September 24

    By Christine Hazel 26 Sep 2019

    Google gave SEO specialists, SEO companies and website owners prior notice of a broad core algorithm update that took place on September 24. Google SearchLiaison announced on their Twitter feed: "Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the September 2019 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before. Please see this blog for more about that:" What to Know About the Latest Google Core Update Danny Sullivan from the Google development team…

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  • Cost-Saving Hacks for Startups & SMEs

    By Christine Hazel 20 Sep 2019

    So you just started a business and your biggest challenge to date is to keep operational costs to a minimum while still efficiently running things. The sooner startups manage their costs, the sooner they get to save. Some businesses adopt the "flexible expenses" approach prior to reaching o even during breakeven. Some startup owners make the mistake of cutting their marketing and advertising costs first when this isn't necessary. Every business needs sufficient promotion (online or offline) to earn revenue. Cutting off your marketing efforts may result in profit loss.…

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  • Organic Search Still the Main Driver of Website Traffic

    By Christine Hazel 19 Sep 2019

    Although zero-click results are on the rise, the latest research from BrightEdge asserts that both paid and organic traffic are valuable to websites than other means (i.e. display ads, social media marketing). According to the study, paid and organic search contributes around 68 per cent of quantifiable website traffic.   The Growth of Organic Traffic   In the last 5 years since BrightEdge commenced this study, web traffic generated from organic search has considerably grown. 2014 data shows how organic search contributed 51 per cent to overall web traffic. This…

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