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3 Digital Marketing Stats to Refresh Your Online PR Strategies

By Christine Hazel 19 Apr 2019
3 Digital Marketing Stats to Refresh Your Online PR Strategies

The Easter weekend is upon us and we’ve got a few stats to help you jumpstart your digital marketing strategies.

From social shopping to PR budgets to focus shifts, there’s a lot of learning and unlearning to do for content marketers and techies. If you have time, you can also head over to the Internet Statistics Database to access other helpful stats.

Below is a round-up of helpful digital marketing stats:

1) Social shoppers grew by 38 per cent within a 12-month period

A recent study from Bazaarvoice discovered that a 38 per cent year-on-year increase in buying transactions voa social media. These social media savvy buyers purchase directly and discover new offerings through platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

In another recent survey which covered 2000 consumers from European countries, it has been revealed that consumers believe that being able discover and purchase products gives them a positive experience of social platforms.

The Shopper Experience Index spearheaded by Bazaarvoice organized a survey that involved more thab 500 brands and retailers. The revelations were as follows:
* 91 per cent agreed that visual content increases shopping experience
* 86 per cent agreed that visual content enhances discoverability
* 73 per cent agreed that visual content increases conversions

2) Negative forecasts did not affect growth in marketing budgets

Economic isses regardless, advertisers invested a great deal in advertising in the first quarter of 2019 than the first 3 months of last year. According to a recent IPA Bellwether Report, first quarter results were quite optimistic.

First quarter of 2019 saw a rise in the net balance of marketing executives – up to +8.7 per cent. Moreover 21.6 per cent of members spending more as opposed to budget cuts of around 12.8 per cent.

Digital advertising performed the best along with the following data:
* Internet net balance – up from +2.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2018 to +17.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2019
* Search/SEO – up from 3.9 to +14.2 per cent
* Targeted mobile advertising – up +3.6 per cent from -2.4 per cent

But as much as there is good news, however, marketers also have other concerns. In summary fashion, negative growth is evident in these areas:
* Market research – net balance of -4.2 per cent
* Sales promotions – net balance of -3.7 per cent
* Budgets for direct marketing – net balance of -3.5 per cent
* Marketers optimistic about first quarter businesses business financials – net balance of -2.7 per cent, down from -0.9 per cent in fourth quarter of 2018.

3) 90 per cent of marketers will not focus on digital PR in 2019

Though approximately 76 per cent of respondents identify brand awareness as an important performance indicator (KPI), A recent survey by Zazzle revealed that only a handful of marketers (10 per cent) will make digital marketing their priority this 2019.

In addition, one-fourth  of content marketers intend to stop participating in offline promotional activities. They perceived traditional marketing as an ineffective strategy in the last few years.

What’s interesting is that around 75 per cent of marketers want to reach out to new prospects by disseminating content. This can be a challenging endeavour when no more focus is on digital marketing.